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Interpay Features


Quick Payroll Process

End of the period and you need run your standard payroll, simply press “Quick Process” and let Interpay do the work!

Custom Fields

Use the Interpay custom fields to store any company/employee specific data. Ex. work visa details.

Payslip Designer

Set up your company payslips to include any details you require.

Company Logos, Specific Remarks etc. etc.

Email Payslips

Easily Email out all payslips to all your employees with the click of a button!


Easily create and open new companies and start processing.


Offers a mix of Payment Frequencies whether Weekly, Fortnightly, Four Weekly and Monthly

Leave Types

Create and Grant as many leave types as you require.

Leave Portal

Allow Employees to book their Leave, and get notified on approval.

Leave Workflow

Set up your Leave Approvers, and who should be Notified on the booking of Leave.