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New Features

Payroll Process Redesign

The Payroll process has been changed so that to introduce better payroll processing. The payroll process will process all filtered employees on listing.

How it was

After the update

Payroll Process calculated on the fly

More informative Columns
Columns that show the processing status, as well as financial data namely Basic Salary, Pre-Tax and Post-Tax, Tax and N.I. and Net Pay

Navigation icons, allowing user to access the various payroll process stages


Payroll Data Summary Report

The performance for this report has been updated so that it loads quicker, thus able to handle more employees.
Exclude Terminated and Inactive Employees
Two new flags have been added to the Employee List, that allow you to remove inactive and/or terminated employees from the list.
Furthermore, the existing flags have been horizontally aligned to match the labels.

How it was

After the update

Upcoming Salary Increases

Rather than through reports, upcoming basic salary increases have been simplified to show in the Employee Maintenance.

Bug Fixes

Submission Files
A minor update has been implemented, so that the submission files compiled for the end of year, conform with the CFR provided standards.
Consistent Company across all Tabs
When the Company is changed in one tab, all other tabs are updated to use the same company
Employees whose birthday is on 29th February
When an employee has their birthday falling on the 29th of February, and the current is not a leap year, an error was encountered. This has been fixed so that if there are such employees, and the current year is not a leap year, the birthday for that year is still listed in the Dashboard as 28th February.