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New Features

Employee Profile

When an employee is linked to the user, such user will be able to access functions related to the employee such as, the Leave Planner and Dashboard. A new page, Employee Profile has now been added.


Payroll Data Summary Report
The report has been updated so that the column headers are repeated on each page
Amounts set to Zero for Inactive and Terminated Employees
When payroll process for a period has been processed, the amounts are linked to the employee. In the case were this employee is set to inactive or the employee termination date is set to before period start, the payroll process amounts are removed. In the case were the employee is set to active, then the payroll process for that employee needs to be re-run.
Payroll Process Sorting
In the Payroll Process, employees can be sorted by Reference Code, Name or Surname. An update has been implemented so that when doing a payroll process, through the Proceed button, the sorting is retained.

Bug Fixes

Payroll Data Summary Report
A minor update has been implemented so that the Logo shows in the Payroll Data Summary Report.
Payroll Process Updates
When an employee is employed along a period, rather than the full hours for the period, the hours are calculated pro-rata. In the case of FullTime Employees with Monthly Frequency, such hours cannot exceed the Monthly Average hours i.e. 173.33. Thus if an employee is employed around the beginning of the month, yet not the 1st of the month, the total pro-rata hours for the month might be more than 173.33.
Therefore an update has been implemented so that if this case happens, the pro-rata hours are set to 173.33.
Unhandled errors
It was identified that when a URL is directly input into the address bar, in certain cases it was resulting in an unhandled error. An update has now been implemented, so that, although there is an error, the user can use the menu to navigate.
Leave Rounding
Leave is saved in hours, up to 2 decimal places. Therefore if an employee needs to book 80 minutes of leave, it is save as 1.33 hours. 1.33 hours in minutes is equivalent to 79.8 minutes, which in the payroll process summary was showing as:

This has now been fixed by rounding, so that now it shows as 1hr 20mins.